These things happened fifty years ago. It was 1962, the year of the World’s Fair in Seattle. I was twenty-one and had just finished my junior year at Utah State University in Logan. My forestry…

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Hank Toy’s Devil

A devil came to an old Mormon on an icy winter night when mounds of snow outside, as big as cars, lay black and cold, nearly invisible. Having searched since the beginning of the world,…

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Letters to the Editor

Personal Voices

Deaths and (RE)births

2012: Jacob Baker, “Deaths and (RE)births,” Dialogue: A Journal of Mormon Thought, Vol 45 No. 4 (2012): 65–87. She had severe versions of typical pregnancy nausea and migraines. But she also experi-enced dreadful cramping on one side of her abdomen, crampingthat could only be assuaged by long walks. Dark three o’clock strolls around...

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