Jacob T. Baker

JACOB BAKER {[email protected]} is a doctoral candidate in Philosophy of Religion and Theology at Claremont Graduate Uni￾versity and an instructor at Brigham Young University where he teaches philosophy and philosophy of religion.

“The Grandest Principle of the Gospel”: Christian Nihilis Sanctified Activism and Eternal Progression

Articles/Essays – Volume 41, No. 3

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Deaths and (RE)births

Articles/Essays – Volume 45, No. 4

Dialogue 45.4 (Winter 2012): 65–87
She had severe versions of typical pregnancy nausea and migraines. But she also experi-enced dreadful cramping on one side of her abdomen, crampingthat could only be assuaged by long walks. Dark three o’clock strolls around our sleeping neighborhood became commonplacefor us. Many days she could barely move because of the pain, anddoctors were at a loss to explain the origins or offer options for al-leviation. It was almost a relief when Amanda’s water broke atthirty-one weeks.

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