Walter E. A. Van Beek

WALTER E. A. VAN BEEK {[email protected]}) holds the chair of Anthropology of Religion at Tilburg University and is Senior Re￾searcher at the African Studies Centre, Leiden. He has done extensive fieldwork in West Africa, i.e. among the Dogon of Mali and the Kapsiki of North Cameroon, on which he has published widely. Recently his mono￾graph on Kapiki religion appeared at Oxford UP: The Dancing Dead; Rit￾ual and Religion among the Kapsiki/Higi of North Cameroon and Northeast￾ern Nigeria, 2012. As ‘participant expert’ of Mormonism he has published a series of articles on LDS Mormonism in Europe, specifically in the Netherlands, in Dialogue and the International Journal of Mormon Studies. As a former stake president he is now high priest group leader and the proud grandfather of eleven grandchildren.

Ethnization and Accommodation

Articles/Essays – Volume 29, No. 1

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Mormon Europeans or European Mormons? An “”Afro-European”” View on Religious Colonization

Articles/Essays – Volume 38, No. 4

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The Temple and the Sacred: Dutch Temple Experiences

Articles/Essays – Volume 45, No. 4

Dialogue 47.1 (Spring 2012): 104–123
First, the history of the temple project will be shown from the Dutch perspective, with a discussion of some of the observable effects on the Dutch saints, one of them being a large drop in temple attendance.