Blair Dee Hodges

BLAIR DEE HODGES {[email protected]} received a BA in mass communication with a minor in religious studies at the Uni￾versity of Utah in 2010 and a master’s degree in religious studies from Georgetown University in 2013. He is the public communica￾tions specialist for the Neal A. Maxwell Institute for Religious Scholarship at Brigham Young University.

Legacy of a Lesser-Known Apostle Edward Leo Lyman. Amasa Mason Lyman, Mormon Apostle and Apostate: A Study in Dedication

Articles/Essays – Volume 43, No. 2

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“All Find What They Truly Seek”: C.S. Lewis and the ‘Virtuous Unbeliever’

Articles/Essays – Volume 43, No. 3

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Review: Tom Mould. Still, the Small Voice: Narrative, Personal Revelation, and the Mormon Folk Tradition

Articles/Essays – Volume 45, No. 4

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“My Principality on Earth Began”: Millennialism and the Celestial Kingdom in the Development of Mormon Doctrine

Articles/Essays – Volume 46, No. 2

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