In this episode of Dialogue Gospel Study, Daniel O. McClellan uses data to unwravel understandings in Revelations.

Dan McClellan has been gathering a following on TikTok since the spring of 2021. McClellan started his TikTok channel to challenge misinformation online about the Bible. Viewers repeatedly tag him on content they want him to address. “Data over dogma” is the tagline for his channel. He is also starting to produce content on YouTube. He is the author of the open-access book, YHWH’s Divine Images: A Cognitive Approach (published by the Society of Biblical Literature). He received a bachelor’s degree from Brigham Young University in ancient Near Eastern studies, majoring in Biblical Hebrew and minoring in Classical Greek. He holds a master’s degree in Jewish studies at the University of Oxford and a master’s degree in biblical studies from Trinity Western University. He holds a PhD in religion and religious studies from the University of Exeter. McClellan converted to The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints after his first semester of college. He is a scripture translation supervisor for the Church and is an adjunct teacher in the Ancient Scripture Department at Brigham Young University. He has also been active politically and has been a Democratic candidate in two Utah elections. McClellan has lived in various states, the United Kingdom, and has also lived in Uruguay, where he served as a full-time missionary. He and his wife have three daughters.