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Dialogue Book Report #13: Kristine Haglund on Eugene England

Listen on Spotify. Listen on Apple Podcast. Kristine L. Haglund joins Andrew and Cristina to talk about her book, Eugene England: A Mormon Liberal. Kristine is a writer, editor, and independent scholar, and the former editor of Dialogue. England championed an optimistic Mormon faith open to liberalizing ideas from American culture. At the same time, he remained devoted to a conservative Mormonism that he saw as aRead More »

Dialogue Gospel Study #50 w/Charles Beacham

Charles Beacham has always been a storyteller. As a boy, he’d write and tell stories, draw his own comic books, and force his younger brothers to act in his extremely low-budget films. As a teenager and aspiring musician, he explored his love of story through songwriting. Charles’s love of technology and narrative led him to study communications at Brigham YoungRead More »

Dialogue Out Loud #13: Diné Doctor: A Latter-day Saint Story of Healing by Farina King

Listen on Spotify. Listen on Apple. In early May 2020, I had to tell my father that his sister, shádí, was dying from the coronavirus. I woke up that morning, thinking about my aunt and crying. I just knew that she was struggling. Then, my cousin called to tell me that my aunt was getting worse. Through tears, my father’sRead More »

Dialogue Book Report #12: Terryl L. Givens on Eugene England

Listen on Spotify. Listen on Apple. Dr. Terryl L. Givens joins us to talk about his newest book, Stretching the Heavens: The Life of Eugene England and the Crisis of Modern Mormonism. Eugene England was one of the primary founders of Dialogue: A Journal of Mormon Thought in 1966, an English professor at Brigham Young University, and one of the leading intellectuals in the Church of Jesus Christ ofRead More »

Dialogue Out Loud #12: The Lamanite Dilemma: Mormonism and Indigeneity by Monika Brown Crowfoot

Listen on Spotify. Listen on Apple. Many times throughout my childhood, I heard various church members or my parents tell me that we had to choose between being Navajo and being Mormon. Our family went to church, prayed, and had family home evening regularly. Church was our culture. I remember talks referencing the Book of Mormon scripture: “For there areRead More »

Dialogue Gospel Study #49 w/Page Turner and Heather Harris-Bergevin

Heather Harris-Bergevin manages her life and that of several others from the front seat of a Prius. Sometimes she writes stuff (Lawless Women, BCC Press), usually poetry. She’s liable to break into showtunes at any time, and always simping over Tom Hiddleston’s voice. Her hobbies include avoiding vacuuming, fixing her sewing machine, and figuring out how to get resin andRead More »

Dialogue Gospel Study #48 w/George Handley

George Handley is a professor of Interdisciplinary Humanities at BYU where he has taught since 1998. His research interests in the area of environmental humanities have resulted in various publications on literature and the environment; an environmental memoir, Home Waters; a novel, American Fork; and a recent collection of essays on the environmental values of Mormonism, entitled The Hope of Nature. He is currently finishingRead More »

Dialogue Book Report #11: Mormon Music and Novels

First a conversation with the music scholars Michael Hicks and Jake Johnson about their recent work on Mormon music and theater. Then a conversation with two book reviewers, Amanda Ray and Liz Busby, to talk about recent novels by Mormon authors.

Dialogue Gospel Study #47 w/Joshua Molina

Joshua Molina studied broadcast journalism at BYU and currently works as a marketing executive for a Silicon Valley startup. He served a Spanish speaking mission in Idaho and is currently a member of his stake’s High Council. Joshua was born in Ecuador, grew up in New Jersey, and now lives in Phoenix with his wife and three daughters. He will speaking on “Unto whomRead More »

Dialogue Gospel Study #46 with Kimberly Applewhite Teitter

Kimberly Applewhite Teitter, PsyD, is a licensed clinical psychologist practicing in the Salt Lake City area. She is featured in the latest volume of “Why I Stay: Contemporary challenges of discipleship,” edited by Bob Rees. Kimberly serves as a bishop’s wife and Assistant Director of Debra Bonner Unity Gospel Choir. She is also a proud mother of two daughters.