Dive into the vibrant world of Mormon fiction in the latest episode of “Dialogue Book Report.” Hosted by Andrew Hall, this engaging episode features three distinguished authors from the new collection “The Path and the Gate.”

Join us as Theric Jepson, Danny Nelson, and Steven L. Peck share their creative journeys and insights into the craft of writing. Explore the wonders of speculative fiction, personal and community identities, and the ecological influences on literature.

Inspired by the Book of Mormon prophet Nephi’s journey to eternal life, “The Path and the Gate: Mormon Short Fiction,” edited by Andrew Hall and Robert Raleigh, is the focal point of this enlightening discussion. This collection of diverse stories will captivate your imagination.

Don’t miss this opportunity to immerse yourself in the world of Mormon fiction with these talented authors and the hosts of “Dialogue Book Report.” It’s a must-listen for literature enthusiasts and anyone intrigued by the rich storytelling inspired by the Mormon experience.