Listen in to the 87th Episode of the Dialogue Gospel Study featuring writer Christie Frandsen.

Christie Frandsen lives in La Canada, California, wife to Russ Frandsen, mother to 11 brilliant children (9 living), and grandmother to 24 perfect grandchildren. She graduated summa cum laude from BYU with a degree in Ancient Scriptures and attended Duke Divinity School. Teaching, especially teaching the scriptures, is her passion in life: 20 years teaching early morning seminary, 25 years teaching adult scripture study classes, 15 years teaching Institute at USC, Occidental College, and Glendale Community College; and she now teaches writing and reading to young Korean students in her hometown. She has published essays in The Encyclopedia of Mormonism, Mourning With Those Who Mourn, articles in the Ensign, and has an unpublished book Climbing Jacob’s Ladder. Christie serves as the Chair of the Mormon Studies Council and co-chair of the Howard W. Hunter Foundation at Claremont Graduate University, the first woman to hold these positions. When she’s not preparing lessons or planning agendas, Christie loves to go on very long and very fast walks, hike with her family, sing with her family, and watch British mystery shows. She feels honored to have been invited to teach a Dialogue Sunday class, following in her oldest daughter Rosalynde Welch’s footsteps who was the very first presenter way back in 2020!