Embrace the lyrical beauty of winter as we step into a poetic realm with Abby Parcell and Janessa M. Ransom on this episode of Dialogue Out Loud. Join us in a soul-stirring conversation as we explore the verses that grace the pages of the winter 2023 issue of Dialogue: A Journal of Mormon Thought. Hosted by Dialogue poetry editor, Terresa Wellborn.

Abby Parcell invites us to stand at the doorway of history with her poignant poem, “Emma Stands at Her Doorway: Nauvoo, 1846,” where the seasons unfold as metaphors for choices and transitions. Meanwhile, Janessa M. Ransom paints vivid images in her piece, “Transition,” as the natural world mirrors the shifting landscapes within.

As the poets share their insights, we delve into the nuances of their craft, exploring the interplay of nature, emotion, and history in their work. Discover the power of poetic expression to capture the essence of change and the intricate dance between words and seasons.

Tune in to Dialogue Out Loud for a melodic journey through the winter verses of 2023, where Abby Parcell and Janessa Ransom weave tales that resonate with the changing winds and the quiet introspection of the colder months.

ABBY PARCELL is a poet living in Chapel Hill, North Carolina. She currently serves as poetry editor for Exponent II.

JANESSA M. RANSOM is an MFA candidate at Lesley University in the Writing for Young People program with an interdisciplinary focus on poetry. She graduated from Harvard University with a degree in English and American Language and Literature. She lives with her family in Alpine, Utah.