Dive deep into a pivotal moment in the history of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints with this month’s featured episode on the Dialogue Journal Podcast. Join us as we explore the profound insights shared by author Sara M. Patterson in her book, “The September Six and the Struggle for the Soul of Mormonism.”

In September 1993, the church excommunicated or disciplined six of its members, individuals who were soon known as the “September Six.” However, as Patterson reveals, the events of that month were part of a much larger, decades-long cultural and theological debate over the church’s nature and its restoration narrative.

The episode offers a captivating journey back in time to an era where the church invested in and policed a purity system, advocating for doctrinal, familial, and bodily purity. Yet, dissenters within the institution pushed back, envisioning a different version of the Restoration, one rooted in personal conscience, truth-seeking, and social egalitarianism.

Patterson’s analysis encourages us to see beyond the clever alliterative phrase “September Six” and consider the lasting effects of what occurred in September 1993 on the institution, its believers, and the broader culture. This episode is a must-listen for anyone intrigued by the evolving landscape of faith and identity.

Tune in now to gain a deeper understanding of this critical moment in Mormon history and its lasting impact on the church and society at large.