Dialogue Sunday School #13 w/ Blair Hodges

Dialogue Sunday Gospel Study June 28, 2020: Alma 17-22

Blair Hodges is the public communications specialist for the Neal A. Maxwell Institute for Religious Scholarship at Brigham Young University. He hosts the Maxwell Institute Podcast, featuring scholars of religion, scripture, history, and more. He earned a master’s degree in religious studies from Georgetown University. His thesis focused on intellectual disabilities in Mormon thought during the nineteenth century.

In preparation for the lesson, Blair has outlined some discussion points:

Alma 17, reunion and reunification; desiring to dwell.
Alma 18, how the gospel’s cosmic scope bears on everyday life.
Alma 19, the problem of suffering and God’s intervention (or lack thereof); Abish as a type of Christ.
Alma 20, the limits of the Book of Mormon’s soteriology.
Alma 22, giving away our sins to know God.

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