Dialogue Sunday School #1 w/ Rosalynde Welch

Enjoy the first Dialogue Sunday School featuring guest scholar Rosalynde Welch beautifully connecting themes in Enos and Words of Mormon to our lives today.

Rosalynde Welch is a scholar of Latter-day Saint literature, theology and philosophy. She holds a PhD in early modern English literature, and has published numerous articles and book chapters in these fields. Her main academic home is the Neal A Maxwell Institute for Religious Scholarship, where she serves on the advisory and imprint boards, the editoral board of the Journal of Book of Mormon Studies, and as a co-director of the Latter-day Saint Theology Seminary. She is completing a volume on the book of Ether for the Maxwell Institute’s series of Brief Theological Introductions to the Book of Mormon. She lives in St Louis, Missouri, with her family, where she serves as a volunteer ward seminary teacher and eagerly awaits the arrival of spring.

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