Dialogue Lectures #44 w/ Thomas Wayment

In this Dialogue podcast Thomas Wayment discusses “The New Testament: A Translation for Latter-day Saints A Study Bible.” From the Miller Eccles website:

“I would like to share the story that is not told in the introduction and how I arrived at the point of having produced a new translation for the Saints.” With these words, Thomas Wayment sums up his objective in speaking to the MESG audience. Wayment’s The New Testament: A Translation for Latter-day Saints—A Study Bible is a completely new translation of the New Testament that is sensitive to Latter-day Saint beliefs, practices, and the complex cultural backdrop of the King James Bible. It also includes notes that are within the Latter-day Saint tradition. He has achieved this through a sensitivity to Latter-day Saint religious vocabulary, attention to topics of interest to the Saints (such as priesthood and righteousness), and a recovery of the deep intertextual connections to Restoration scripture.

In this presentation, Professor Wayment shares some of the experiences that shaped the project and what it meant for him to produce a product that could claim to be directed toward a Latter-day Saint audience. He also shares some of the experiences in the review and editing process that helped to identify areas of sensitivity in the creation of a new translation.

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