Dialogue Lectures #17 w/ Wes Johnson

As one of the founders of Dialogue, Wes Johnson has a unique view of the journal and what it has been and what it has become. He sits down with Brandt Malone to discuss it’s history and his part in that history in this newest Dialogue podcast.

For background, check out his “Editorial Preface” wherein he says “A new generation of Mormons has arisen in this process of spreading about the land. Its members are curious, well-trained, and in some cases affluent; they are reflective, energetic, and in most cases committed to Church activity. They form study groups and discussion clubs to examine their religion and its relevance for contemporary society and culture. They seek to relate religious ideals to issues of everyday secular life.”

“Some of the more general purposes of Dialogue are: to stimulate excellence in writing and the visual arts throughout the Mormon community; to present fresh talent and to offer established authors a new vehicle of thought; to sustain a series standard of objectivity, candor, and imagination in dealing with Mormon culture; to give students and thoughtful persons across the land a journal directly concerned with their quest for rational faith and faith-promoting knowledge; to provide professional people from a variety of disciplines a place to publish findings on Mormon topics which are of interest to the general public; to help Mormons and their neighbors develop understanding and concern for each other through an exchange of ideas; and perhaps most important of all, to help Mormons develop their idenity, uniqueness, and sense of purpose by expressing their spiritual heritage and moral vision to the community of man.”

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