Dialogue Lectures #11 w/ Robert Kirby

In what is sure to be a popular podcast, Robert Kirby spends an evening at the recent Miller Eccles gathering regaling the audience with amusing story after story–with a delightful dash of unconventional testimony.

From the Miller-Eccles description: “Mormons and humor—two topics that sometimes don’t seem to go together. However, through the years, Robert Kirby has managed to help us see our quirks and foibles in a humorous light. Who can forget his ’13 Particles of Faith?’ Or his fascinating commentary on Elder Holland’s conference talk, ‘Lord, I Believe.’

Just a sample of the titles of Kirby’s books (many of which he has co-authored with the Tribune’s award-winning political cartoonist, Pat Bagley) will raise your spirits:

  • Wake Me for the Resurrection
  • Sunday of the Living Dead
  • Kirby Soup for the Soul
  • Family Home Screaming

Kirby says this about himself: “ Salt Lake Tribune humor columnist Robert Kirby was raised in a military family. Following an LDS mission to South America, Kirby became a police officer. He left law enforcement in 1989 to pursue the idiotic notion of becoming a writer.

Robert has written for the Tribune since 1994. His culture column appears every Monday, Wednesday, and Saturday, where it is closely followed by world leaders with nothing better to do. He is the author of nine books, including the popular “Sunday of the Living Dead.”

The recipient of a number of literary awards, Kirby is most proud of being named grand marshal of the 2010 Green River Melon Days Parade. He lives in Herriman, Utah, with one wife, three married daughters, and eight grandkids. There was a cat but it died.”

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