Dialogue Out Loud #6: Mormon Saga by Maurine Whipple

Maurine Whipple’s “Mormon Saga” is a story of unrelenting faith that will haunt you in the days to come. She likely wrote it after listening to fellow Relief Society women tell stories of their foremothers, some true, some likely folklore. Please enjoy this previously unpublished story that is newly published A Craving for Beauty: The Collected Writings of Maurine Whipple (edited by Andrew Hall, Lynne Larson, and Veda Hale) from By Common Consent Press.

MAURINE WHIPPLE (1903-1992) was a novelist, essayist, and short story author, best known for her historical novel The Giant Joshua (1941). She is also created the illustrated guide This is the Place: Utah (1945), as well as articles which appeared in Life, Look, Collier’s, and Saturday Evening Post.