Dialogue Fireside #8 w/Marlena Wilding

Marlena Wilding is a Mix Media Artist who currently lives and works in Seattle Washington with her Husband and 2 kids. Born and raised in Utah County in the Latter Day Saints Faith, in one of the few black families in the state, Marlena brings a unique perspective to her work. Wilding received her B.A. at Brigham Young University in Visual Arts. And continues to improve and enhance her skills. She creates layered works, portrayed both physically and metaphorically to convey a poignant message that can be understood in stages by all. Marlena has had the privilege to be featured and work alongside J. Kirk Richards. And is also currently working on a collaborative art project with Kirk and other amazing artists. Wilding has had work featured in various galleries and art publications in the States and the UK. Marlena has also trained as a teacher, specializing in Art Education and Art therapy . She taught At Risk Youth to channel their pain, joy, experience, etc into works of art to bring healing and self-love, while also pursuing a Master’s Degree in Special Education at Weber State University.

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