Dialogue Fireside #5 w/Jill Mulvay Derr

Jill Mulvay Derr has studied the history of Latter-day Saint women for more than four decades. She worked in the History Department of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints under the direction of two Church Historians: Leonard J. Arrington and Marlin K. Jensen. In the course of research and teaching at Brigham Young University she became Associate Professor of Church History, and later Managing Director of the Joseph Fielding Smith Institute for Church History. In addition to her many articles in scholarly books and journals she has co-edited or co- authored four books: Women’s Voices: An Untold History of the Latter-day Saints (1982), with Kenneth W. Godfrey and Audrey M. Godfrey; Women of Covenant (1992) with Janath Russell Cannon and Maureen Ursenbach Beecher; Eliza R. Snow: The Complete Poetry (2009) and Eliza: The Life and Faith of Eliza R. Snow (2013), with Karen Lynn Davidson; and The First Fifty Years of Relief Society: Key Documents in Latter-day Saint Women’s History (2016) with Carol Cornwall Madsen, Kate Holbrook, and Matthew J. Grow. She and her husband, C. Brooklyn Derr, are the parents of four children and eleven grandchildren. They reside in Holladay, UT.