In this episode of Dialogue Gospel Study, Erika Munson explores the challenges faced when we don’t always see eye to eye with those in our congregation. She sits down with Chris Kimball, Linda Kimball and Maxine Hanks to discuss ways of building stronger connections with those who might differ on how to live the gospel in this era.

Erika Munson is a writer, educator, and activist. She grew up in Cambridge, Massachusetts and received a BA in Fine Arts at Harvard College. She and her husband raised their five children all over the Northeast and in Europe. In 2009 she moved her family to Utah and was prompted to learn more about the LDS/LGBTQ expereince, co-founding Mormons Building Bridges in 2012. At MBB she was involved in public advocacy and community building around queer belonging in the church. In 2020 she left MBB to focus on ward- and stake-based outreach through Emmaus LGBTQ Ministry. At Waterford School in Sandy, Utah, Erika is an English teacher, librarian, and dean. She promotes engagement across difference through her role as the Utah Co-Chair of Braver Angels, a national citizens movement to end political polarization. She also is a member of the faith working group of the Utah Suicide Prevention Coalition. Her most recent publication is the essay “Eve’s Choice” in the current issue of Dialogue. Erika believes in the power of community to reconcile high ideals with the realities of difference and the tragedies of human weakness;. she serves as an advisor in the Young Women’s program of the Pinehurst Ward in the Sandy East Stake.