In this eye-opening episode of “Dialogue Out Loud,” host Margaret Olson Hemming sits down with Mormon artist Hayley Labrum Morrison to explore her bold depictions of female bodies in art. Through a candid conversation, Hayley reveals how her artwork challenges the objectification and control of women’s bodies within Mormonism. From discussing her artistic process to sharing personal experiences, this thought-provoking episode dives deep into the intersection of faith, culture, and individual agency.

Hayley Labrum Morrison [[email protected]] (she/her) is an interdisciplinary artist from Salt Lake City, UT living and working in Austin, TX. Morrison’s recent solo exhibitions include “Tinkling Ornaments” at Martha’s Contemporary and “Of(f) the Body” at Dougherty Arts Center. She also co-curated “Howdy, Stranger,” a 40-artist exhibition at FOUNDRY for the 221 Austin Studio Tours. She created and co-runs the ongoing critique group Crit Nites, and co-founded concept animals in 2020.