Join us for an enlightening conversation with author Kyle Jepson about his article in the spring 2024 issue of Dialogue: A Journal of Mormon Thought. In “A Remarkable Vision of Her Father: The Many Uses of ‘of’ in The Book of Alma,” Jepson delves into the ambiguous phrase “a remarkable vision of her father” found in Alma 19:16. Exploring whether it implies possession or the content of the vision, he uncovers surprising grammatical patterns in Alma 17-20. Discover how these patterns shed light on the interpretation of ambiguous phrases and the significance of definite and indefinite articles.

Jepson’s article also challenges assumptions about which genders are typically blessed with visions from God, confronting patriarchal norms within the text.

Tune in to this thought-provoking episode to deepen your understanding of linguistic nuances and gender dynamics in the Book of Mormon! #DialogueOutLoud #MormonThought #Linguistics #BookOfMormon #Podcast #GenderEquality