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The Student: His University and His Church

[…] I refer to is an intellectual one. The two organizations, church and university, approach and explain the world from two quite different perspectives. And even though our society accommodates both institutions, many students find […]

The Divine Feminine in Mormon Art

[…] Guide to Heavenly Mother, which included dozens of images of Heavenly Mother by Mormon artists around the world. Professional and amateur artists on social media platforms have shared thousands of images of Heavenly Mother […]

Genetics and Gathering the House of Israel

[…] find parallels between almost any two cultures by chance. Furthermore, missionaries now teach in much of the world, and knowledge of different cultures has grown dramatically, but any credible “found tribe” story has yet […]

The Garden Atonement and the Mormon Cross Taboo

[…] and Barringer, “Use of Gethsemane,” 60 (quoting “Discourse by Elder John Taylor, Tabernacle, Nov. 13, 1859,” Deseret News–Salt Lake Telegram, April 11, 1860, 1.). “Discourse by Elder John Taylor, Tabernacle, Nov. 13, 1859,” Deseret […]

Reflections on LDS Disbelief in the Book of Mormon as History

Dialogue 30.3 (Fall 1999):90–103
To average LDS church members in 1909, Roberts’s New Witnesses for God substantiated their beliefs and further embellished his stature for them as a historian and defender of the Book of […]