The Logical Next Step: Affirming Same-Sex Relationships

Dialogue 31.3 (Fall 1998): 49–57

In Fall 1998 just a few years after The Family Proclamation, Gary Watts wrote, “The Logical Next Step: Affirming Same-Sex Relationships.” He notes the inner conflict that gay LDS members faced, having to choose between their desires to have a relaitonship and their desires to be in the church.  It draws a lot of personal experiences and conversation to assess the issues. And he proposes that affirming committed, monogamous same-sex relationships would not change doctrines about reserving sexual initimacy for marriage, but proposed that these relationhips would not be eligible for sealings.

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“Come Let Us Go Up to the Mountain of the Lord”: The Salt Lake Temple Dedication

Dialogue 31.3 (1998): 101–122

Stuy looks at “the dedication of the Salt Lake temple constituted one of the most important events in the history of the world. Due to the sacred nature of temple dedications, the church does not grant access to the official records of these events; however, by reading the diaries of Saints who participated in the Salt Lake temple dedication,one can almost attend the ceremonies vicariously. 

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