Newell G. Bringhurst

NEWELL G. BRINGHURST is an Instructor of history and political science at Col￾lege of the Sequoias in Visalia, California, where he has lived and taught for the past 21 years. He is past president of the Mormon History Association and the author of four books, his most recent: Fawn McKay Brodie: A Biographer's Life (1999). He and his wife Mary Ann, to whom he has been married for 32 years, are the parents of one daughter.

Juanita Brooks and Fawn Brodie — Sisters in Mormon Dissent

Articles/Essays – Volume 27, No. 2

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Those Apostates Who Would Be Gentiles: The Gentile Comes to Cache Valley

Articles/Essays – Volume 11, No. 3

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Elijah Abel and the Changing Status of Blacks Within Mormonism

Articles/Essays – Volume 12, No. 2

Dialogue 12.2 (Summer 1979): 22–36
Elijah Abel, a black man ordained to the priesthood, was restricted in his church participation starting in 1843, even though he was well respected by both members and leaders. Newell G. Bringhurst discusses why the priesthood and temple ban might have occured. One of the reasons was when the pioneers were crossing the plains, a man by the name of William McCary, who had Native American and African American ancestry, caused a lot of grief and trouble for both saints and the leaders of the Church.

Fawn Brodie and Her Quest for Independence

Articles/Essays – Volume 22, No. 2

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A Modern Prophet and His Times: Things in Heaven and Earth: The Life and Times of Wilford Woodruff, a Mormon Prophet

Articles/Essays – Volume 25, No. 3

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The Private versus the Public David O. McKay: Profile of a Complex Personality

Articles/Essays – Volume 31, No. 3

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My “Affair” with Fawn McKay Brodie: Motive Pain and Pleasure

Articles/Essays – Volume 35, No. 3

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A Biographer’s Burden: Evaluating Robert Remini’s Joseph Smith and Will Bagley’s Brigham Young

Articles/Essays – Volume 36, No. 4

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A Scholarly Tribute to Leonard Arrington: The Collected Leonard J. Arrington Mormon History Lectures, Special Collections and Archives – Utah State University Libraries

Articles/Essays – Volume 39, No. 1

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Two Perspectives on the Life and Times of Joseph Smith: Joseph Smith: Rough Stone Rolling by Richard Lyman Bushman with the Assistance of Jed Woodworth

Articles/Essays – Volume 39, No. 4

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