Writing the Mormon Past

Dialogue 1.3 (Fall 1966): 47–62
Understanding Mormon history involves appreciating some of the formidable obstacles which confront throse who seek to write it. There is still sensitivity among Mormons to probing that might bring embarrassment to cherished offical views of Latter-day Saint orgins, martyrs, or heroes. 

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Anti-Intellectualism in Mormon History

Almost from its beginning Mormonism was disparaged as funda mentally superstitious and irrational, with an appeal only for the poor and uneducated. Even before the description of Joseph Smith as “ignorant” and “illiterate” by the…

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Letters to the Editor




Joseph, according to the record just, angel-riddenand consulted last, what glory may you claim?Was yours a father’s care, but, God-bidden,respect for foster child you could not name?Was your pride greater than any heart-hiddencommon love for…

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The Difference

This is not tragedy. A child Cannot suffer nobly, nor fling a wildCurse at the sky and die. A child can only flinch and cry,Soft hands outspread. No clenched fistFor you, my little one. You are pathos, I…

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Lift your withered hands and feelThe rush of words push from below.Lift up your dying hands and write.  Trace the lifted arc of wheel Pitting itself against the flow Of earth’s slow water in the night.  Force…

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