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  • Book Review: Mothers, Daughters, Sisters, Wives, by Karen Rosenbaum

    …into the past.” So it is with the women who populate Rosenbaum’s fourteen stories in this collection. The past defines them, breathes always within them. They live preoccupied with family…

  • A Mormon Studies Blogliography

    …of Mormon studies to feminism, international studies, minority studies, etc. There are plenty of blog posts which discuss Mormonism and these issues, but I couldn’t find any that specifically addressed…

  • Editor Notes: Of Haircuts and Honor

    …my own run-in with the Honor Code back in March 1984. I’m pretty sure it was my friend Kent’s idea that we should run for ASBYU president and vice president…

  • Review: The Power of Parable: How Fiction By Jesus Became Fiction About Jesus

    …content (5). His rhetorical leverage for concluding the gospels are parables is two-fold: first, he explores Hebrew Bible examples of book-length parables in Ruth, Jonah, and Job to argue that…

  • Dialogue studies the priesthood ban

    …issue England wrote “We Mormons have our own special cross—one which must weigh heavily on our hearts if we are truly trying to live our religion as Paul recommends: proving…

  • I Am Giving Columbus No More of My Time by Roni Jo Draper (Yurok)

    …African peoples, who were deemed property fit to build the New World, suffered under this trade. The early Indigenous peoples were enslaved, driven out, and/or massacred. Their cultures, languages, ceremonies,…

  • Review of Stephen Taysom, The Patheos Guide to Mormonism

    …York to the World Exploration and Conquest: Migration, Deseret, and Utah The Modern Age: A Manifesto and Statehood CHAPTER THREE: BELIEFS Sacred Narratives: From Michael to Lehi Ultimate Reality and

  • Dialogue Lectures #21 w/Neylan McBaine

    …a continuously expanding digital library of interviews with LDS women from around the world, speaking about her latest book Women at Church . From the Miller Eccles site: “The last…

  • Topic pages: Book of Abraham

    …Old World or the New. I personally find the Book of Abraham to be a completely fascinating little volume. — Kevin Barney 1968: Dialogue Issue 3.2 especially the following articles:…

  • Topic pages: Temples

    …Testament texts and how women are underrepresented in today’s discourse. 2003: Bryan Stuy “Come Let Us Go Up to the Mountain of the Lord”: The Salt Lake Temple Dedication” Dialogue:…