Tamara Pace Thomson

TAMARA PACE THOMSON {[email protected]} is a visiting faculty member at Brigham Young University, where she teaches composition and creative writing. She writes mostly fiction and poetry but has published an occasional creative nonfiction essay and book review. Her favorite teaching gig is a volunteer creative writing workshop that she started at the Utah State Hospital. She and her husband have three children and two children-in-law and like to spend their extra time with them.


Articles/Essays – Volume 57, No. 1

Sonya has been sober almost a year—six months in treatment and six months on her own—and goes to AA meetings at noon or at 7:00 p.m. (sometimes both times) every day. She smokes Camel 100s…

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Daryl Prays, The Snake River, and Insomnia

Articles/Essays – Volume 53, No. 3

Daryl Prays How is the gold become dim! how is the most fine gold changed! Lamentations 4:1 At fourteen, Daryl cut across an empty lotbehind a brick pharmacywhere he had picked up his mom’s pills(linden…

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