Scott C. Davis

SCOTT D. DAVIS {[email protected]} is a graduate of Yale Divinity School (March 2011) and is now a Ph.D. student in the history of ancient Christianity at Yale University. Scott is from Lo￾gan, Utah, where he completed a B.A. in history at Utah State Uni￾versity. He published an earlier version of this essay on his blog Tea with Tumnus {}, February 14, 2011, and presented it at “Faith and Knowledge: Intellectual Pros￾pects for Mormonism,” held at Duke University on February 12, 2011.

The Fabulous Jesus: A Heresy of Reconciliation

Articles/Essays – Volume 44, No. 3

As a student of history, I have to admit, however reluctantly, that Jesus didn’t wear pashmina ascots or Armani sunglasses—but neither did he wear white shirts, dark suits, and a bicycle helmet. Jesus wasn’t fabulous…

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