Julie M. Smith

JULIE M. SMITH {[email protected]} graduated from the University of Texas at Austin with a BA in English and from the Gradu￾ate Theological Union in Berkeley, California, with an MA in Biblical Studies. She is on the executive board of the Mormon Theology Seminar and the steering committee for the BYU New Testament Commentary, for which she is writing a commentary on the Gospel of Mark. She is the author of Search, Ponder, and Pray: A Guide to the Gospels and the editor of and contributor to As Iron Sharpens Iron: Listening to the Vari￾ous Voices of Scripture and Apocalypse: Reading Revelation 21–22. Julie is married to Derrick Smith; they live near Austin, Texas, where she homeschools their children. She also blogs for Times & Seasons, where she is the book review editor.

A Double Portion: An Intertextual Reading of Hannah (1 Samuel 1–2) and Mark’s Greek Woman (Mark 7:24–30)

Articles/Essays – Volume 50, No. 2

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Review: Understanding the Book of Mormon: A Reader’s Guide

Articles/Essays – Volume 44, No. 1

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BYU Women’s Studies Conference: “I Will Sing to the Lord”: Women’s Songs in the Scriptures

Articles/Essays – Volume 45, No. 3

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Review: Negotiating the Paradoxes: Neylan McBaine’s Women at Church Neylan McBaine. Women at Church: Magnifying LDS Women’s Local Impact

Articles/Essays – Volume 47, No. 4

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