John Engler

JOHN ENGLER {[email protected]} is a principal lecturer of English at Utah State University where he has taught more than two hundred courses in creative writing, composition, and literature. He is the author of a variety of essays, articles, and book reviews; has done editorial work with a number of journals; and consults with university faculty members and high school teach￾ers on innovative teaching pedagogy.

In Search of . . . Nah, Just Make It Yourself | Michael Hicks, Wineskin: Freakin’ Jesusin the 60s and 70s, A Memoir

Articles/Essays – Volume 57, No. 2

From the minute I saw the title, I wanted to like this book. And when I got the book in my hands and saw the cover art, my 1960s nostalgia and Spidey-senses kicked into high…

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