Erika Munson

ERIKA MUNSON {[email protected]} holds a Fine Arts degree from Harvard College and is a Dean, English teacher, and librarian at Waterford School in Sandy, Utah. She is the co-founder of Mormons Building Bridges.

Eve’s Choice

Articles/Essays – Volume 56, No. 3

Dialogue 56.3 (Fall 2023): 133–150
But Betsy was born. She was dangerously premature—especially so for those days. Everyone said that at birth she could have fit on a dinner plate (an image that haunted my young imagination). She wasn’t expected to survive. But she did. Perfect, whole, healthy.

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What Happened Sunday Morning

Articles/Essays – Volume 50, No. 2

When Danny DiLorenzo got up to speak I was thinking about how I could loosen my tie. My mother makes me wear one, and after an hour my body fights back. I stand in front…

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Dinner at Sylvia’s

Articles/Essays – Volume 25, No. 4

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My Personal Brand of Weirdness

Articles/Essays – Volume 42, No. 4

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