Cristina Rosetti

CRISTINA ROSETTI holds a PhD in religious studies from the University of California, Riverside. Her research explores the history and lived experience of Mormon fundamentalists in the Intermountain West.

“Fast from that Which is Not Perfect”: Food Abstinence and Fasting Cures in the Kingdom of God

Articles/Essays – Volume 56, No. 2

Listen to the audio version of this piece here. Content warning: This article contains references to disordered eating and bodily harm. Orlean Beginning in March 1935, Orlean Kingston documented her rigorous fasts and visionary experiences…

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Mormonism’s Inside-Outsider Gordon Shepherd and Gary Shepherd, Jan Shipps: A Social and Intellectual Portrait: How a Methodist Girl from Hueytown, Alabama, Became an Acclaimed Mormon Studies Scholar

Articles/Essays – Volume 55, No. 3

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“O My Mother”: Mormon Fundamentalist Mothers in Heaven and Women’s Authority

Articles/Essays – Volume 55, No. 1

Dialogue 55.1 (Spring 2022): 119–135
As the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints moved away from the plural marriage revelation, a marital system that created the cosmological backdrop for the doctrine of Heavenly Mothers, the status of the divine feminine became increasingly distant from the lived experience of LDS women. Ecclesiastical changes altered women’s place within the cosmos.

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Praise to the Man: The Development of Joseph Smith Deification in Woolleyite Mormonism, 1929–1977

Articles/Essays – Volume 54, No. 3

Dialogue 54.3 (Fall 2021): 41–65
However, the 1886 Revelation and subsequent statement also raised their own doctrinal questions that were continually developed through the lineage that became Woolleyite Mormonism. Namely, why was the resurrected Joseph Smith present alongside Jesus Christ at the meeting with John Taylor?

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Review: Not Alone Stephen Carter, ed. Moth and Rust: Mormon Encounters with Death

Articles/Essays – Volume 51, No. 2

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Review: The Life of a Spiritualist Saint Scott H. Partridge, ed. Thirteenth Apostle: The Diaries of Amasa M. Lyman, 1832–1877

Articles/Essays – Volume 50, No. 4

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Review: The Truth is in the Middle Stephen Carter and Jett Atwood. Mormonism for Beginners

Articles/Essays – Volume 49, No. 4

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