Articles/Essays – Volume 23, No. 1

The Odyssey of Thomas Stuart Ferguson

1990: Stan Larson, The Odyssey of Thomas Stuart Ferguson Dialogue: A Journal of Mormon Thought, Vol. 23 No. 1 (1990): 55-93–138.

The odyssey of Ferguson is a quest for religious certitude through archaeological evidences, an attempt at scholarly verification of theological claims. Early in his career, Thomas Stuart Ferguson was instrumental in reducing our conception of the geography of the Book of Mormon from nearly the whole of both North and South America to the more limited area of southern Mexico and Central America. In the middle years of his career, he organized archaeological reconnaissance and fieldwork in the area of Mesoamerica. But in the last years of his career, he concluded that the archaeological evidence did not substantiate the Book of Mormon, and so he reduced (in his mind) the geography of the book to nothing at all in the real world.