Articles/Essays – Volume 03, No. 2

The Joseph Smith Egyptian Papyri: Translations and Interpretations: The Book of Breathings



translated by Richard A. Parker


1. [ . . . . . . . . ] this great pool of Khonsu

2. [Osiris Hor, justified], born of Taykhebyt, a man likewise.

3. After (his) two arms are [fast]ened to his breast, one wraps the Book of Breathings, which is

4. with writing both inside and outside of it, with royal linen, it being placed (at) his left arm

5. near his heart, this having been done at his

6. wrapping and outside it. If this book be recited for him, then

7. he will breath like the soul[s of the gods] for ever and

8. ever.


1. The beginning [of the Book of Breathings made by Isis for her brother Osiris, to make his soul live, to make his body live, to make young his members]

    2. again, [so that he may attain the] horizon with his father Re’ (the sun), [so that his soul may appear in glory in the sky in the disk of Yah (the moon), so that his body may shine as Sah (Orion) on the body of Nut (the sky), and to]

    3. cause [the like of th]is to happen to the Osiris Hor, justified, [born of Taykhebyt . . . . . . . . Hide (it), hide (it)!]

    4. Don’t [allow] any man to read it. [It] is profitable [for a man in the necropolis. He truly lives anew millions of times. Words to be recited]:

    5. Hail, [Osiris H]or, justified, born of Tay[khebyt . . . . . . . . You are pure; your heart is pure, your front is purified; your back is]

    6. cleansed; your middle is in bd-natron [and hsmn-natron. There is no bad member of yours. Purified is the Osiris Hor, justified, born of Taykhebyt, engendered by]

    7. Remenykay, justified, with the šdyt-water [of the Field of Offerings, north of the Field of Locusts. Have purified you Edjo and]

    8. Nekhbet at the fourth hour of the night and the fourth hour [of the day. Come thou, Osiris Hor, justified, born of Taykhebyt, that you may enter the Broad Hall of the]

    9. Two Goddesses of Righteousness, you being purified from [all] baseness [and all wrongdoing. Stone of Righteousness is your name. Hail, Osiris Hor, justified, born of Taykhebyt! You enter]

    10. [the Otherworld] very pure. Have purified you [the Two Goddesses of Righteousness in the great Broad Hall. A cleansing has been made for you in the Broad Hall of Geb and your members have been purified in]

    11. [the Broad Hall of Shu. You] see Re’ when he sets [as Atum in the evening. Amon is with you, giving you well-being and Ptah]

    12. [fashions your limbs]. You enter into the horizon with Re’ [ . . . . . . .

    (At most one line is lost between the end of this fragment and the top of the right-hand column of the second fragment.)