Dialogue Podcasts

Dialogue Sunday Study #34 w/Joseph Spencer

December 13: Joseph Spencer Joseph M. Spencer is a philosopher and assistant professor of ancient scripture at Brigham Young University. He’s the author or editor of eight books, most recently of 1st Nephi: A Brief Theological Introduction, published this year by the Neal A. Maxwell Institute. Spencer serves as the editor of the Journal of Book of Mormon Studies, aRead More »

Dialogue Out Loud #7: Who Brought Forth This Christmas Demon by Larry Menlove

In “Who Brought Forth this Christmas Demon” Larry T. Menlove brings us a beautifully complicated story of two men trying to find their way in life with the backdrop of a Christmas tree lot in Payson, Utah. “And the men who brought forth this Christmas demon fought the urge to run, to hide, and they leaned back on their elbows,Read More »

Dialogue Sunday Study #33 w/Aimee Evans Hickman

December 6: Aimee Evans Hickman Aimee Evans Hickman has been collecting stories in various forms for as long as she can remember—from tales of her early Latter-Day Saint ancestors following Joseph Smith and Brigham Young from one “promised land” to another, to her nearly two decades working with Exponent II, including a stint as Editor-in-Chief of the Exponent II MagazineRead More »

Dialogue Out Loud #6: Mormon Saga by Maurine Whipple

Maurine Whipple’s “Mormon Saga” is a story of unrelenting faith that will haunt you in the days to come. She likely wrote it after listening to fellow Relief Society women tell stories of their foremothers, some true, some likely folklore. Please enjoy this previously unpublished story that is newly published A Craving for Beauty: The Collected Writings of Maurine Whipple (edited by Andrew Hall,Read More »

Dialogue Out Loud #5: Ace of Saints

In Marissa Burgess “Ace of Saints” she takes readers on her journey of figuring out her asexulity, beautifully narrated in this latest Out Loud. Here’s a snippet. ” I sat in my room, shaking, letting the same thoughts run around my head over and over. Worried about how I could ever be as happy as all those couples smiling andRead More »

Dialogue Sunday Study #32 w/Daylin Amesimeku

November 22: Daylin Amesimeku on Ether 6-11 Daylin is Chair Elect for the BYU Black Alumni Society and Dialogue Foundation Board Member. She received her BS in Exercise Science from BYU in 2012 and works in ophthalmology. She was raised in Miami, FL and now lives in Boston, MA with her husband and two daughters.

Dialogue Out Loud #4: Certain Places

In “Certain Places,” William Morris tells the story of a person looking for meaning, connection, and ultimately love in this unique but gorgeous love story that spans more than one lifetime. The sound of shoes walking along will stay with you long after the story concludes. 

Dialogue Fireside #2 w/Claudia Bushman

For our second fireside on November 15th, Claudia Bushman will be teaching us about “Resurrection Month.” Claudia Lauper Bushman, born in Oakland, California, and raised in San Francisco, considers herself a California Mormon, an independent variant of the Salt Lake City variety. She was unexpectedly given the opportunity of attending Wellesley College in Massachusetts, moving from the west to theRead More »

Dialogue Heritage #11

In our final Dialogue Heritage that looks back into the history of Dialogue, Editor Taylor Petrey brings us from the last five years up to the present. These issues included the transfer from Editor Kristine Haglund to Editor Boyd Petersen and then to Editor Petrey. Issues covered in these issues included feminism, race, LGBT, environment, scriptural study, theology and soRead More »

Dialogue Sunday Study #31 w/Ben Schilaty

November 15: Ben Schilaty on Ether 1-5 Dr. Ben Schilaty works as an Honor Code administrator and adjunct professor at Brigham Young University in Provo, Utah. He holds three degrees from BYU: a bachelor’s degree in Latin American studies, a master’s in Hispanic linguistics, and a master’s in social work; he also earned a PhD in second language acquisition andRead More »