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Dialogue Gospel Study #42 with Sylvia Cabus

Listen on Apple Podcast. Listen on Spotify. Sylvia Cabus has worked on gender equality and women’s empowerment issues for over twenty years. Currently she is a senior technical advisor in the Gender Equality and Women’s Empowerment Hub at the US Agency for International Development. Sylvia received a BA in History from UC Berkeley and an MA in international relations fromRead More »

Dialogue Out Loud #8: Confession by Sylvette Wolfe

In Sylvette Wolfe’s “Confession” a 60-year-old  woman confesses to enjoying her sin to her bishop. She feels guilt, shame, and…delight?

Dialogue Book Report #10: The best of 2020–Creative Nonfiction and Poetry

We start with a conversation on creative nonfiction by LDS authors, including memoirs and personal essays, featuring the reviewers Christopher Angulo, Lisa Van Ordam Hadley, and Adam McLain. Then a conversation between Theric Jepson and Andrew Hall about poetry, the literary journal Irreantum, and other recent Mormon literature. Listen on Spotify. Listen on Apple Podcasts. Creative fiction works discussed: ChristopherRead More »

Dialogue Gospel Study #41 w/Heather Sundahl

HEATHER SUNDAHL is a writer and editor for the Utah Women and Leadership Project, the BYU ARTS Partnership, and helps run the Op-Ed Lab for Mormon Women for Ethical Government. She received a BA in Humanities and an MA in English from BYU. Her passion is women’s stories. In pursuit of this she has worked with Exponent II for 23Read More »

Dialogue Fireside #7 w/Rosemary Card

Rosemary Card is the CEO and Founder of Q.NOOR, the host of the Q.MORE podcast, and author of Model Mormon and House of Light: Your Guide to the Temple. She is a devoted advocate of amplifying women’s voices and roles within the church, improving church culture, and supporting our LGBTQ siblings. Rosemary lives in Salt Lake City with her twoRead More »

Dialogue Topic Pages #4: Temples

Listen on Spotify Listen on Apple Dialogue is proud to launch a new monthly podcast series on the dialoguejournal.com/topicpages, exploring key issues in the history of LDS scholarship. Join host Taylor Petrey, editor of Dialogue and associate professor of religion at Kalamazoo College as he studies Temples as viewed through the scholarship found within Dialogue’s pages.   Editor’s Note: ThisRead More »

Dialogue Gospel Study #40 w/David-James Gonzales

David-James Gonzales is Assistant Professor of History at Brigham Young University (BYU) in Provo, Utah, where he teaches courses on race/ethnicity, immigration, and Latinas/os in US History. His writing has been published in scholarly journals, anthologies, and newspapers including: The Journal of American Ethnic History, American Studies, 50 Events That Shaped Latino History, and The Salt Lake Tribune. David-James isRead More »

Dialogue Gospel Study #39 w/Darius Gray

Our March 28th Dialogue Gospel Study features a discussion with Restoration pioneer, Brother Darius Gray. We begin with a pre-recorded conversation between Darius Gray and Carey and Mel Hamilton, facilitated by Margaret and Bruce Young. Darius and Mel met in 1969, when Mel was a University of Wyoming football player–one of fourteen removed from the team after wearing  black armRead More »

Dialogue Fireside #6 w/Terryl Givens

A New York native, Terryl Givens did his graduate work in intellectual history (Cornell) and comparative literature (UNC Chapel Hill). In 2019 he retired from the Jabez A. Bostwick Chair at the University of Richmond to be Neal A. Maxwell Senior Research Fellow in Provo. He has been a commentator on CNN, NPR, and in the PBS/Frontline documentary, The Mormons.Read More »

Dialogue Topic Pages Podcast #3: Feminism

Editor’s Note: This transcript has been lightly edited from the podcast format. The I used in the text signifies Taylor Petrey and most of the historical narrative was written by him. Some extra context has been given where he worked from notes and may differ slightly from the podcast. This article should not be considered a scholarly or academic attemptRead More »