Dialogue Podcasts

Dialogue Lectures #12 w/ David Bokovoy

David Bokovoy discusses various aspects of biblical scholarship in this new Miller-Eccles presentation. As Morris Thurston explains “This timely presentation will be a great way to kick off the year of Old Testament study in your Gospel Doctrine class.” David Bokovoy holds a PhD in Hebrew Bible and the Ancient Near East and an MA in Near Eastern and JudaicRead More »

Dialogue Lectures #11 w/ Robert Kirby

In what is sure to be a popular podcast, Robert Kirby spends an evening at the recent Miller Eccles gathering regaling the audience with amusing story after story–with a delightful dash of unconventional testimony. From the Miller-Eccles description: “Mormons and humor—two topics that sometimes don’t seem to go together. However, through the years, Robert Kirby has managed to help usRead More »

Dialogue Lectures #10 w/ Laurie Maffly-Kipp

Laurie Maffly-Kipp recently co-edited Proclamation to the People: Nineteenth-Century Mormonism and the Pacific Basin Frontier with Reid Neilson, a book of essays dealing with this crucial aspect of Church history. She shares some of her findings with us in the 10th Dialogue podcast taken from a lecture presented to the Miller-Eccles group. Laurie Maffly-Kipp is newly appointed to the Danforth Center onRead More »

Special Video Podcast: Round Table on Women and the Priesthood

Back in 2011, six women came together around a virtual Round Table to discuss issues pertaining to Mormon women and womanhood in attempt to model ways women with very different opinions could positively and proactively dialogue. Due to the increased coverage of the issue surrounding women and the priesthood, the Round Table was again convened. Join Emily W. Jensen, ChelseaRead More »

Dialogue Lectures #9 w/ Joseph and Marilyn Bentley

The Bentleys discuss the fascinating story of how the BYU Jerusalem center came to be in this 9th Dialogue podcast taken from a lecture presented to the Miller-Eccles group. They also reported on the current state of Church activities there. Mormons have a long history of interaction with the Holy Land, beginning with Orson Hyde’s dedication for the gathering ofRead More »

Dialogue Lectures #8 w/ Armand Mauss

Armand L. Mauss, emeritus professor or sociology and religious studies at Washington State University and author of several books and a great many articles on a variety of Mormon issues, including his seminal The Angel and the Beehive: The Mormon Struggle with Assimilation (1994) took questions from a panel of Miller-Eccles readers posing questions to Armand relating to his recently-publishedRead More »

Dialogue Lectures #7 w/ Eric Eliason

Elder J. Golden Kimball is one of the best-loved historical figures in the Mormon West, known not just to Latter-day Saints, but also to folklore scholars around the country. In the BYU and USU Folklore Archives, which house stories collected from regular Mormons through the years, Kimball eclipses even Joseph Smith, Brigham Young, and Porter Rockwell as the most storifiedRead More »

Dialogue Lectures #6 w/ Fiona and Terryl Givens

The writing, production, and responses associated with The God Who Weeps reveal something of the multiplicity of “Mormonisms.” In this podcast, Terryl and Fiona discuss some of the ways in which we construct our faith identity, and how we might rethink the interconnections of Mormonism as an institution, a community, a belief structure, and a devotional template. Terryl Givens didRead More »

Dialogue Lectures #5 w/ Sarah Barringer Gordon

Sarah Barringer Gordon is professor of Constitutional Law and History at the University of Pennsylvania Law School and a widely recognized scholar and commentator on religion in American public life. Although she is not LDS, much of her research has focused on Mormon issues. Her first book, The Mormon Question: Polygamy and Constitutional Conflict in Nineteenth-Century America, won both theRead More »

Dialogue Lectures #4 Mormonsandgays.org roundtable

On Thursday, December 6, the LDS Church released a new website: www.mormonsandgays.org, which has been met with both praise and criticism from both Mormons and the media. Coincidentally, this site was unveiled soon after the third Dialogue podcast featuring Dr. Bob Rees and Dr. Caitlin Ryan, who discussed ideas now also portrayed on the mormonsandgays.org. So as a follow-up, joinRead More »