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Dialogue Book Report #2

For our second Book Report, Book Review Editor Andrew Hall discuss the rest of the reviews newly available in the Winter 2019 Issue including Pleasing Tree, The Mormon Hierarchy: Wealth & Corporate, and On Fire in Baltimore. Andrew Hall then interviews Craig Harline and Christopher Jones about the genre of mission memoirs. Click in to enjoy!

Dialogue Heritage #2

In this second Dialogue Heritage episode, Editor Taylor Petrey looks at five important conversations in the early 1970s: gender, race, politics and evolution. Petrey first looks at the issue of gender and highlights the back and forth on including more women in the pages of Dialogue and the production of the Pink Issue. Next, Petrey looks at the famous articleRead More »

Dialogue Book Report #1

For our inaugural Book Report, Book Review Editor Andrew Hall and Dialogue Editor Taylor Petrey discuss the reviews newly available in the Winter 2019 Issue including Ezekeil’s Third Wife, The Legend of Hermana Plunge and Bruder. Andrew Hall then interviews Angela Liscom Clayton and Roger Terry about their mission memoirs. Click in to enjoy!

Dialogue Lectures #48 w/ Steven Harper

In this Dialogue podcast Steven C. Harper discusses “First Vision: Memory and Mormon Origins.” From the Miller Eccles website: To Steve Harper, the best thing about the Harry Potter stories is the pensieve—a magical bowl of memories in which an observer can sift through another person’s past. No one has sifted Joseph’s memories of his first vision more than Steve.Read More »

Dialogue Heritage #1

Welcome to the new Dialogue Heritage podcast. In this episode, Editor Taylor Petrey and Art Editor Andi Pitcher Davis discuss the founding of Dialogue as well as point to some fascinating pieces from that era including by Hugh B. Brown, President Dallin H. Oaks, Francis Menlove and Sydney B. Sperry.

Dialogue Lectures #47 w/ Quincy Newell

In this Dialogue podcast Quincy Newell discusses “Your Sister in the Gospel: The Life of Jane Manning James, a Nineteenth-Century Black Mormon.” From the Miller Eccles website: A free black woman from Connecticut, Jane James positioned herself at the center of LDS history with uncanny precision. After her conversion, she traveled with her family and other converts from the region toRead More »

Dialogue Lectures #46 w/ Robin Jensen

In this Dialogue podcast Robin Scott Jensen discusses “A Window into Joseph Smith’s Translation: An Exploration of the Book of Abraham Manuscripts.” From the Miller Eccles website: The Joseph Smith Papers recently published the fourth volume in its Revelations and Translations series: Book of Abraham and Related Manuscripts. With this publication, readers will glean additional insight into the nineteenth-century coming forth of the BookRead More »

Dialogue Lectures #45 w/ Gary Bergera

In this Dialogue podcast Gary Bergera discusses “Confessions of a Mormon Historian: The Diaries of Leonard J. Arrington (1971 – 1997).” From the Miller Eccles website: Leonard Arrington (1917–1999) was born an Idaho chicken rancher whose early interests seemed not to extend much beyond the American west. Throughout his life, he tended to project a folksy persona, although nothing wasRead More »

Dialogue Lectures #44 w/ Thomas Wayment

In this Dialogue podcast Thomas Wayment discusses “The New Testament: A Translation for Latter-day Saints A Study Bible.” From the Miller Eccles website: “I would like to share the story that is not told in the introduction and how I arrived at the point of having produced a new translation for the Saints.” With these words, Thomas Wayment sums upRead More »

Dialogue Lectures #43 w/ Don Bradley

In this Dialogue podcast Don Bradley discusses “The 116 Lost Pages Re-Discovering the Book of Lehi.” From the Miller Eccles website: From an early age, Don Bradley has been intrigued with Mormon history. As an 11 year-old, he visited the Hill Cumorah with his parents and went looking for his own set of sacred records. While his search was unsuccessful,Read More »