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  • Topic pages: LGBT issues

    …promptings.” 2020: Blaire Ostler, “ Hug a Queer Latter-day Saint , ” Dialogue 53 .2 (Summer 2020): 161–168 and Blaire Ostler, “ Queer Polygamy ,” Dialogue 53 .2 (Spring 2019):…

  • The Earth and the Inhabitants Thereof (Non-)Humans in the Divine Household

  • The Weeping God of Mormonism

    by Eugene England Originally published in Spring 2002 Editor’s Note: July 22, 2010 would have been Eugene England’s 77th birthday. The Eugene England Foundation has launched a website, eugeneengland.org to…

  • An Interview with Brady Udall

    …an injured or very sick child. So, of course, your books are hard to read, and, I imagine, excruciating to write, as you explore that detail, pay attention to what…

  • Bushman on Friendship

    …elevation, for beauty, for perfect grace, another symptom of the yearning to transcend human finitude. It was an elevating aspiration, noble and generous at its best, but prideful, vain, superficial,…

  • A Mother's Day Sermon for All

    …Whether you are a mother or not, plan to attend church on Mother’s Day or not, this sermon will both inspire and comfort you, a funny combination, but nonetheless true….

  • Review: Stephen H. Webb’s Mormon Christianity

    …to Webb, such conversations fail to pay due attention to Mormon metaphysics—the way Mormons understand the nature of matter, humans, God, and existence. His new book, Mormon Christianity, explores the…

  • Book Review: Richard J. Mouw’s Talking With Mormons

    …Back in 2004, Zacharias’s historic Tabernacle address was overshadowed in the news by Richard Mouw’s controversial introductory remarks. Mouw, president of the Fuller Theological Seminary, issued an apology to Mormons…

  • Pragmatism and Progress: An Overview of LDS Sister Missionary Service in the Twentieth Century

    …the church over at Juvenile Instructor, which proves to spotlight why Saturday’s announcement was truly revolutionary: “President Thomas S. Monson’s announcement in General Conference on Saturday, October 6, 2012, that…

  • Career of a Counter-Prophet: For Christ Will Come Tomorrow: The Saga of The Morrisites by C. LeRoy Anderson