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  • Book Review: Just Saying, by Stanton Harris Hall

    …This is also a fitting tribute to Stan Hall’s poetry. 1.Mark Jenkins,“Utagawa Hiroshima’s Vision Opened up the World for Everyday Japanese,” Washington Post, Nov. 3, 2016, https://www.washingtonpost.com/ goingoutguide/museums/utagawa-hiroshiges-vision-opened-up-the-world- for-everyday-japanese/2016/11/03/35c7de82-9baf-11e6-b3c9-f662adaa0048_ story.html?utm_term=.1c36ae0f71f9….

  • Book Review: Julie J. Nichols's Pigs When They Straddle the Air: A Novel in Seven Stories.

    …the answers, but it does, at least, ask the questions. 2. Julie J. Nichols, “About the Book,” http://www.juliejnichols.com/ about-the-book/ 3. Julie J. Nichols, Mormon Scholars Testify, May 2011, http://mormonschol- arstestify.org/2445/julie-j-nichols…

  • Style Sheet

    …2010): 100-101. 4. CURRENT NEWSPAPER/MAGAZINE: Patricia Finch, Associated Press, “AMA Study on Prescription Drug Abuse,” Salt Lake Tribune, June 11, 2009, B4. James H. Albion, “Prescription Drugs in the Home,”…

  • Dialogue Book Review Roundtable: Visions in a Seer Stone: Joseph Smith and the Making of the Book of Mormon by William Davis

    …Mormon (i.e., sermons highlighted in the book include Jacob, King Benjamin, Alma, Mormon, etc.) using the compositional techniques of creating an outline, laying down the heads, using mnemonic cues, all…

  • Review: Joanna Brooks, “The Book of Mormon Girl: Stories From an American Faith”

    …was a little girl—readers are introduced to (or reminded of) the hand/glove-body/spirit object lesson, the spirit world, the veil, the first vision, genealogy, food storage, temples, family vans, tithes and…

  • Blogging General Conference

    I’ll be blogging conference live at Dialogue’s affiliated blog, By Common Consent, with real-time coverage from the Conference Center, photos, and lots of discussion, both serious and silly, in the…

  • Coming to MHA: the International Mormon Studies Book Drive Summer Fundraiser

    …grants, working with libraries to offer a “Scan-and-Deliver” online research service, developing an international lending network, etc. We welcome your input and involvement as we seek the financial means, scholarly…

  • Transcript of Trib Talk: A new Mormon faith crisis?

    …social issues, largely around gender and sexuality, other things like that, have really left, as you said, thousands and thousands of people reeling in regards to their relationship to the…

  • MHA Awards Nominations: February 15th Deadline

    From the Mormon History Association: The Mormon History Association will give its yearly awards for the best books, articles, dissertation, thesis, and student papers published or written on Mormon history…

  • Thoughts on the Interface between Mormonism, the Environment, and Evolution: Connection and Dilemma

    …Utah, Vol 37, No. 11, (1947), 40 pp. 16. Daniel H. Ludlow, editor, Encyclopedia of Mormonism, Vol. 2, E through M, (Macmillan Publishing Co., New York, 1992), 431-978. 17. Bruce…