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  • The New English Bible: Three Views: The New Testament

  • Book Review: Dark Watch and Other Mormon-American Stories, by William Morris

    …a misspent graduate program in English that I find myself reading into “Lost Icons” questions about authenticity, privilege, and missionary work as cultural imperialism. Even if Morris didn’t intend to…

  • The New English Bible: Three Views: The Old Testament

  • The New English Bible: Three Views: A Literary View

  • Dialogue Sunday School #14 w/ Michalyn Steele

    …Nation of Indians of New York. Professor Steele holds a B.A. (’92) and an M.A. (’94) in Humanities from BYU, with an emphasis in English literature and Native American studies….

  • Dialogue Gospel Study #41 w/Heather Sundahl

    …ARTS Partnership, and helps run the Op-Ed Lab for Mormon Women for Ethical Government. She received a BA in Humanities and an MA in English from BYU. Her passion is…

  • Spanish Version of Multiculturalism as Resistance: Latina Migrants Navigate U.S. Mormon Space

    We are excited to offer a Spanish version of “Multiculturalism as Resistance: Latina Migrants Navigate U.S. Mormon Space” alongside our English version. Click here for the full article. Nos complace…

  • Dialogue Sunday Study #33 w/Aimee Evans Hickman

    …working with Exponent II, including a stint as Editor-in-Chief of the Exponent II Magazine from 2009-2015. In addition to her BA in English from the University of Utah, Aimee’s background…

  • Dialogue Lectures #6 w/Fiona and Terryl Givens

    …received his PhD in comparative literature. He holds the James A. Bostwick chair of English, and is Professor of Literature and Religion at the University of Richmond, where he teaches…

  • Dialogue Lectures #7 w/Eric Eliason

    …University. He has published on Mormon, Caribbean, Russian, English, Afghan, American, Mexican, military, hunting, and biblical cultural traditions. His books include: The J. Golden Kimball Stories; Black Velvet Art; Warrior…