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  • Coming to Terms with Folk Magic in Mormon History

    …of the Church News on August 28, 1985. And for the first and only time that I can recall in my life, I was thrown for a real loop. It…

  • The Fabulous Jesus: A Heresy of Reconciliation

    …is, rather, a personal reflection addressing the difficult questions of reconciling faith and the academy—many of which have already been raised today. I hope that you are amused by the

  • Book Review: Peck's Peak. Wandering Realities and Evolving Faith, by Steven L. Peck

    …of the book, “Other Worlds,” sets Mormonism in science-fiction contexts, always asking, “what would the Church be like in a different kind of world?”; “how will we baptize non-corporeal machine…

  • Connecting the Dots Caitlin Myer, A Memoir of Loving and Then Leaving the Patriarchy

    …purposes, please use the printed version or the PDFs provided online and on JSTOR. Caitlin Myer. Wiving: A Memoir of Loving and Then Leaving the Patriarchy. New York: Simon and…

  • Review: The Power of Parable: How Fiction By Jesus Became Fiction About Jesus

    …teacher calling himself the Son of God. Jesus wasn’t just a nice moral teacher but the challenger of an old—and presenter of a new—way of seeing the entire world: “Challenge…

  • Author Response to Dialogue Book Review Roundtable: Visions in a Seer Stone: Joseph Smith and the Making of the Book of Mormon by William Davis

    …course of preparing my work, for example, I removed a substantial amount of information detailing the curricula found in New York common schools and how oral performance techniques formed the

  • creation story

    …not be a reality but it bends and melts into worlds both known and unknown preserved in our salubrious soils. I recall that I am a world unto myself slowly…

  • Book Review: Dark Watch and Other Mormon-American Stories, by William Morris

    …1,400-word vignette is its communication of the main character’s developing sense of social rules and the complex world of conflicting expectations. Here is what he writes about a daughter his…

  • Review: Bringhurst and Foster, eds., “The Persistence of Polygamy”

    …somewhat complementary approaches to a complex historical situation. All that being said, leave it to Linda King Newell, who wrote the volume’s Foreword, to point out that “This volume represents…

  • Dialogue Lectures #26 w/Patrick Mason

    …including the New York Times, Los Angeles Times, Washington Post,Chicago Tribune, National Public Radio, PBS, and the Huffington Post. He currently serves as the chair of the Board of Directors…