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  • Book Review: A Not-So-Innocent Abroad. Way Below the Angels, by Craig Harline

    …events and settings are, on the surface, highly entertaining but hardly exceptional. Non-Mormon readers, who are the primary audience for the book’s publisher, Eerdmans, will come away with a lightly-seasoned…

  • Deseret News looks at Lester Bush's famous article

    In “LDS blacks, scholars cheer church’s essay on priesthood” at the Deseret News, Lester Bush’s famous Dialogue piece is referenced: In 1852, President Smith’s successor, President Brigham Young, “publicly announced…

  • Book Review: Richard J. Mouw’s Talking With Mormons

    …Back in 2004, Zacharias’s historic Tabernacle address was overshadowed in the news by Richard Mouw’s controversial introductory remarks. Mouw, president of the Fuller Theological Seminary, issued an apology to Mormons…

  • Book Review: Julie Berry's The Passion of Dolssa and Jeff Zentner's The Serpent King

    …in the past, the emotional conflicts and spiritual questions of this book will be recognizable to today’s young readers, and especially so for those who see themselves as believers. The…

  • Dialogue Editor Announcement

    …Studies today–issues surrounding gender and sexuality, international Mormonism, interfaith connections, and inclusive theology. And he also understands what it takes to do academic publishing in the information age.” Under Petrey’s…

  • New historical resources at JSP website

    Yesterday, at a news conference to which Dialogue was invited, the editors of the newly released Histories, Volume 1 teased that there would be a plethora of resources to be…

  • Can Deconstruction Save the Day? "Faithful Scholarship" and the Uses of Postmodernism

    …ideals of disinterested reason and the unfettered search for truth, while conservatives publishing with the Foundation for Ancient Research and Mormon Studies (FARMS) held “the late modernist and post-modernist position…

  • The Original Length of the Scroll of Hôr

    Readers interested in the historical background of the paper and the current state of scholarship on the topic are encouraged to visit the FAIR Wiki on the Book of Abraham….

  • Review: Bronson, “The Agitated Heart” (reviewed by Julie J. Nichols)

    …the plot spin. The prologue: “Christopher Jacob Arnold sought peace for many days.” The search for peace is a principal theme here. The Arnolds are a family in crisis, and…

  • Dialogue and the Dangerous, Beautiful Possibilities of Mormon Literature

    …His realm, since he created us to be questioners of things and searchers for truth. And between these two points, he lets God know that the relentless search for truth…