Sitting at Sunstone dialoguing about Dialogue

July 31, 2016

I have been deeply comforted that Dialogue exists, that it’s there as a strong voice for things that need to be said.” – Carol Lynn Pearson



unnamedFind some of Carol Lynn Pearson’s Dialogue work here:

Review of Beginnings.
Review of Will I Ever Forget This Day? Excerpts from the Diaries of Carol Lynn Pearson.
Photo essay including Carol Lynn Pearson.
And be sure to watch for excerpts of Pearson’s newest book Ghosts of Eternal Polygamy in the Fall 2016 Dialogue.

I discovered that (Dialgoue) was the drink of water I needed after being in the desert for all these years.” – Devery Anderson



Find some of Devery Anderson’s Dialogue work here:

A History of Dialogue, Part 1
A History of Dialogue, Part 2
A History of Dialogue, Part 3
A History of Dialogue, Part 4

Dialogue is an interesting mix of history, literature and other things…it looks at many different disciplines. – Jesse Embry


Find some of Jesse Embry’s Dialogue work here:

Grain Storage: The Balance of Power Between Priesthood Authority and Relief Society Autonomy
Review of Mormon Polygamous Families: Living the Principle
Burden or Pleasure? A Profile of LDS Polygamous Husbands
Mothers and Daughters in Polygamy w/Martha Bradley