Seeking Inspiration Among Political Divides: Gospel Study with Diana Hardy

June 9, 2024

Diana Hardy describes how she seeks prayerful guidance in discussing tangled up topics in this Gospel Study focused on the end of Mosiah and first part of Alma. 

Diana Bate Hardy is an attorney and community advocate who stepped away from her civil litigation practice to focus on raising her two young daughters. She received her English Literature and Law degrees from Brigham Young University. She is a former Executive Director and Founding Member of Mormon Women for Ethical Government and a co-creator of Civics Education for Families. She is passionate about civic engagement, community-building, interfaith collaboration, and the gospel of Jesus Christ. She currently serves as the communications director for her stake in Atlanta, Georgia. Her Dialogue lesson will be on “The Voice of the People and The Atonement of Jesus Christ” and will cover selections from Mosiah 29-Alma 4 in The Book of Mormon.