Pioneers in Dialogue

July 25, 2021

On July 24, Utah celebrates the state holiday of Pioneer Day, in commemoration and honor of the Mormon pioneers. With a hallowed and complicated history, pioneers are a mainstay in the history of Mormonism. Below are a curated collection of poetry, fiction, articles, and reviews that have been published in the pages of Dialogue.
Poetry, Fiction, Essays, and Articles
Michael Fillerup, “Pioneers,” Winter 1997.
In this fiction piece, Fillerup delves into the meanings of pioneer and the adventures and consequences of them.
Robert Reynolds, “Sesquicentennial Pioneer Commemoration Speech,” Summer 1998.
Crossing space and time, Reynolds approaches his grandpa through poetic meter, meeting him in the promised land of the written word.
Jessie L. Embry and William A. Wilson, “Folk Ideas of Mormon Pioneers,” Fall 1998.
Embry and Wilson use a survey to look at what Mormons might collectively remember about their pioneer ancestors.
Carol Lynn Pearson, “Pioneers,” Fall 2003.
Who and what are pioneers? And is the blood still good? The poet searches.
Kevin Klein, “The Pioneer Woman, St. George,” Fall 2018.
Klein poetically investigates the nature between a woman and God and man, developing the poet’s relationships through the use of pronoun and lyric.
Heidi Naylor, “Backwards Pioneers,” Spring 2019.
Naylor uses this article to essay about otherness, connection, and what it means to live in a world more complicated than innocent.
Tinesha Capri Zandamela, “Pioneer Day,” Fall 2019.
Zandamela delves into family history and the day celebrated on July 24.
Below are reviews to various books written on pioneers.
James L. Clayton, “From Pioneers to Provincials: Mormonism as seen by Wallace Stagner,” Winter 1966.
T. Reilly, “Joseph Fish: Mormon Pioneer,” Review of The Life and Times of Joseph Fish, Mormon Pioneer, edited by John H. Krenkel, Spring 1971.
Claudia L. Bushman, “Snowy Tea Towels and Spotless Kitchens,” Review of Homespun: Domestic Arts & Crafts of Mormon Pioneers by Shirley B. Paxman, Fall 1978.
Melvin T. Smith, “A Classic Reprinted,” Review of The Pioneering of Immigrant Trails across Utah, 1846–1850, edited by J. Roderic Korns and Dale L. Morgan, Winer 1997.
Richard E. Bennett, “A Welcome Arrival, A Promising Standard: The Pioneer Camp of the Saints,” Review of The Pioneer Camp of the Saints: The 1846 and 1847 Mormon Trail Journals of Thomas Bullock, edited by Will Bagley, Spring 2000.
Christy Spackman, “Toward a Mormon Culinary History,” Review of Plain but Wholesome: Foodways of the Mormon Pioneers, by Brock Cheney, Summer 2013.
Polly Aird, “Full Lives but Not Fulfilling,” Review of The Polygamous Wives Writing Club: From the Diaries of Mormon Pioneer Women, by Paula Kelly Harline, Spring 2015.