DPN Presents: Face in Hat: Women and Priesthood Part I

May 17, 2024

In this special episode of the Dialogue Journal podcast, we feature an intriguing installment from the “Face in Hat” podcast, part of the Dialogue Podcast Network. Hosted by Aaron Brewster and Eric W. Jepson, this conversation delves into the unique perspectives and complexities of the history, culture, and practices of the LDS Church, with a focus on the roles and experiences of women in relation to the Priesthood.

This is the first episode in a multi-part series on the topic, covering themes such as defining key terms, examining the distinction between Priesthood and religious office, and exploring the evolution of Priesthood practices in the past. Aaron and Eric offer thoughtful insights and engaging discussions that provide a fresh Berkeley lens on these important issues.

Tune in for an enlightening conversation that challenges assumptions and sparks curiosity about the nuanced relationship between women and Priesthood in the LDS Church. Don’t miss this fascinating exploration!