Dialogue Old Testament Gospel Study with Steven Peck on Isaiah

September 21, 2022

Steven L. Peck is an ecology professor at Brigham Young University and a fellow of the Neal A. Maxwell Institute for Religious Scholarship and has published over 50 scientific articles in evolutionary ecology, philosophy of biology, and religion. He loves best of all being a writer and has won the Association of Mormon Letters Novel Award twice (The Scholar of Moab (Torrey House Press); Gilda Trillim (Round Fire Press at John Hunt Publishing), and for short story once (Two-Dog Dose). His novel King Leere: Goatherd of the La Sals (BCC Press) was a semi-finalist in Black Lawrence Press early novel prize and received a starred-review from Publishers Weekly. Steve has published two short story collections and two collections of essays. His poetry has appeared in New Myths, Pedestal Magazine, Prairie Schooner , Red Rock Review, Cold Mountain Review, Whitefish Review, and elsewhere. In 2021, he received the Smith-Pettit Foundation Award for Outstanding Contribution to Mormon Letters. His latest novel is Heike’s Void (BCC Press) was published a few months ago.

Currently, he is interested in recording the sounds of the world, birdsong, and teaching an honors class on the music of birds and humans with Steven Ricks at BYU.