Dialogue Old Testament Gospel Study with Dave Sandberg, Laurel Armstrong, and John Gustav Wrathall on Job

September 16, 2022

David Karl Sandberg lives in Minneapolis, MN near his three children and four grand-children. He was raised by parents who wrestled with difficult questions and introduced him early on to the words and images found in Dialogue which strengthened and sustained him. David graduated from BYU with a degree in Economics and a minor in Philosophy and then studied and trained to be an actuary. He currently works as an expert witness on matters related to risk and life insurance and has been blessed and challenged by a lifetime of service in church and his profession.

Laurel Armstrong is a performing artist who lives with her husband, two children, a Hawthorne tree, territorial robins, and too many yard-rabbits in a suburb of Minneapolis, MN. In another timeline she would have had some impressive accomplishments to report in her bio, but in this timeline she was “gifted” chronic illness most of her adult life, so she does what she can as she can. Currently that includes songwriting and working as a performer in community-integrated programs. Her other interests include history, myth, cultural anthropology, human behavior and sexuality, animism, music, and DIY bath and body products.

John Gustav Wrathall is former Executive Director of Affirmation: LGBTQ Mormons, Family and Friends, and a cofounder of Emmaus LGBTQ Ministry. Currently he works full-time at a major IP law firm in Minneapolis Minnesota where he lives with his husband and two cats. John has been active in his ward of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints since 2005.