William P. MacKinnon

WILLIAM P. MACKINNON {[email protected]} is an inde￾pendent historian residing in Montecito, Santa Barbara County, California. He is a Fellow and Honorary Life Member of the Utah State Historical Society and, during 2010–11 was president of the Mormon History Association. Since 1987, MacKinnon has been a frequent contributor to Dialogue through articles, essays, and book reviews. He is now completing the second volume of his documentary history of the Utah War, At Sword’s Point, for the University of Oklahoma Press’s Arthur H. Clark imprint. During 1962–68 MacKinnon served in squadrons of the U.S. Air Force and New York Air National Guard, a distant cousin, if not collat￾eral descendant, of Illinois’s Nauvoo Legion.

Move Over, Fortune “500”: The Mormon Corporate Empire by John Heinerman and Anson Shupe

Articles/Essays – Volume 20, No. 2

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Loose in the Stacks: A Half-Century with the Utah War and Its Legacy

Articles/Essays – Volume 40, No. 1

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“Who’s in charge here?”: Utah Expedition Command Ambiguity

Articles/Essays – Volume 42, No. 1

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Road Trip: The Strange Travels of Mark Sanford and Brigham Young

Articles/Essays – Volume 43, No. 3

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Pomp, Circumstance, and Controversy: Richard E. Bennett, Susan Easton Black, and Donald Q. Cannon. The Nauvoo Legion in Illinois: A History of the Mormon Militia, 1841–1846

Articles/Essays – Volume 44, No. 3

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